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Voice Dialogue Intensive

‘The deeper you go, the more real it gets’

Voice Dialogue Intensives are intensely exciting trainings that provide unparalleled opportunities for intensive learning and real growth – a time to explore one’s inner world as well as to learn the Voice Dialogue process. The trainings come in different formats. The all levels intensives are open to participants with different levels of familiarity with the work. Whereas the Level II and advancedintensives are open to participants with enough working experience with Voice Dialogue.

The intensive character of the work is mirrored by its number of trainers. There will be at least 1 trainer on every 4 participants. This way of working gives abundant opportunity for personal work and indepth coaching. It also guarantees that each participant can work on his or her level. The intensives will be held in our comfortable ITP residence, nicely situated in the lovely village Bergen, in a beautiful coastal region in the Netherlands. The advanced intensives are residential and will be held on various locations throughout Europe.


Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology Training program

“Tuning of yourself as an instrument”



With Robert Stamboliev MA, Maria Daniels, Elmer Goudsmit Ph.D., Ruud Zuurman

Voice Dialogue is a unique, elegant and highly effective method in coaching and therapy. It results in more insight, a better communication, more vitality and the ability to make better and more fitting choices.

Voice Dialogue is a dialogue with our inner voices. These voices belong to the various parts of our personality: our selves or sub-personalities. Each of these selves has its own way of thinking, feeling, behaviour and observation. Often we identify with one or more Subpersonalities, with which we have learnt to survive, our so-called “primary selves”, while other parts of us try to let themselves be heard in vain. Once they are able to express themselves they each have a lot to say in their own specific way.


Linkage training, what connects people and drives them apart

“Connection, that’s the question”


Weekend training about what connects people and what drives them apart

Led by Robert Stamboliev and Maria Daniels

“He and I really click”.

“She seems to radiate negativity”

“It feels like we’ve known each other for years”

“She is such a warm person”

You hear yourself say it. You hear people around you say it. And we’re all talking about the same thing: what contact with another person feels like. It’s usually an unconscious feeling and it happens on every level; in love, family life, friendship and at work. In this context it’s popularly called energy. Energy that can be felt and recognised in many different ways. Especially if you pay more and careful attention to it.


Newsletter Voice Dialogue World – November 2015

Dear Friend,

Hope you are doing well in all aspects of your life. And that in these ‘interesting times’ as the old Chinese would call them, you can nurture your vulnerability as well as protect it with your impersonal energies, to keep ‘cool’ in the midst of all the turmoil. Certainly an Aware Ego comes in handy these days…

After a rather turbulent year for me – health wise – I am glad as I seem to be fully recovered (touch wood!). I have reflected a lot – with the help of Voice Dialogue – and am now in the process of handing over the organizational aspects of the work (later more news…) and focus on the elements that I find nurturing and inspiring. Next to personal coaching and relationship  therapy there are a few trainings that I like to focus on.

TOWARDS THE ARCHETYPES, advanced Voice Dialogue training/retreat on Crete from June 5 – 11, 2016

The training/retreat Towards the Archetypes is definitely one of the programs that I find most inspiring. The Enagron estate, an ecological village, and the surrounding area is really a Soul place for me and the experiences and the insights I gathered there over the years have been a tremendous support for me this last year.

I would therefore like to invite you to join me on this special adventure in the late spring of 2016: the seventh edition of the training/retreat Towards the Archetypes.

Working on the theme of the archetypes leads to more deepening.  Accessing the archetypal levels helps us to gain more vitality and find a better balance. The exploration of these deep and mystical layers in our psyche opens up new horizons. It gives us a more profound inner contact and a better understanding of who we are and what is moving us. In this exploration we will use Voice Dialogue, artwork, dream work and different forms of body- and energywork. Nature plays and important role and we plan to visit different parts of the island as well. The training will be a new experience for all of us. Here you can read some experiences of participants .

Article about Stretching
Special attention will be paid to Stretching, an energetic technique within Voice Dialogue. By Stretching the work deepens and leads to profound transformations. Through any subpersonality we can access the archetypal levels. For a description see my (free) article Coaching with polarities – introducing the stretching technique.

Early registration – reduced fee
We like this program to be interactive, also in the preparation. Ahead of time participants are invited to set an intent. Therefore we like to stimulate you to sign up early.

We offer the following reductions:
Wise owl: if you sign up before December 1st 2015, you will get a reduction of  € 250,-
Early bird:
if you sign up before February 1st 2016, you will get a reduction of  € 100,-

For more information see the description of the program on our website. You can register through this link.

For an overview of our other programs see the calender.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

With warmest wishes,
Robert Stamboliev

Newsletter Voice Dialogue World – May 2015

Last minute: Voice Dialogue Intensive – The Next Step, July 12 – 18, 2015 in Italy

Dear friend,

Hope you are doing well. I am glad to say that I am doing quite well after a turbulent half year (more about this in Newsletter of December 2014). I am very glad with the support of friends and family and also enjoying the connection with the Unconscious and Source, that provides me with a wonderful guidance. I am going deeper, enjoying the moment and feel inspired to facilitate others in these processes as well.

Therefore I would like to ask your attention for the third international

Voice Dialogue Intensive – The Next Step

from July 12 – 18, 2015 in Villa Cagnola in northern Italy.

The second one took place last summer and was a great success. See here some experiences of participants.


In memoriam Jerien Koolbergen

I am sad to announce that my good friend and colleague Jerien Koolbergen passed over on May 26th. She died peacefully, at the age of 90, in the company of her children. Until the end she had a clear mind and loving heart for all around her. All her friends came by in the weeks before to say goodbye.

Since 1982, when she met Voice Dialogue, Jerien was instrumental to develop the work in The Netherlands and Europe, as an organizer, facilitator and trainer. She was also part of the research that led to the application of Voice Dialogue by people who hear voices. For many years she took care of the atelier during the international conferences with Hal and Sidra Stone.  When she withdrew from the active work, she still played an important role as an advisor for ITP. She was a resting point where one could share one’s questions and dilemma’s.

Jerien never stopped investigating and reading the latest research on consciousness work. Based on very personal experiences she brought the work with ‘the Field’ to the attention of Voice Dialogue practitioners, see the following report:

I wish Jerien a wonderful journey.

And will miss her dearly,

Robert Stamboliev

Newsletter Voice Dialogue World – December 2014

Heart matters

Dear friends,

The recent period was a special period for me. As some of you already know I had a heart attack beginning of November. This was a forceful but also extraordinary experience. Of course I was shocked, but the support afterwards was heartwarming.

In the meantime I am doing fine again, in fact better than before. What was special was that in the weeks before the heart attack I was feeling quite strange. I had no physical complaints, but felt emotional and had difficulty concentrating on daily routines  such as doing errands. I also had the feeling for a while to have a medical examination, in fact I spoke about this with some friends and searched the internet for possibilities. Good lesson: listen to your intuition!


Personal coaching

In personal coaching you receive intensive personal support for a limited period of time. The nature and duration of this support will be tailored to your specific personal and professional situation. In the first session you will be offered a diagnosis on the basis of transformational psychology. It will become clear which vital theme is topical for you at this moment. You will acquire insight into the ongoing process and be given advice about number of sessions needed and the right attitude and position.

Generally speaking, three to six sessions will suffice to obtain lasting results. The following topics may be a reason to look for personal coaching support: more

The Next Step – Voice Dialogue Intensive

July 12 – 18, 2015 at Lago di Varese in Italy – all levels

A lot has happened since our first conference in 1983. Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves have become increasingly popular in the world. It is gratifying to see the work spreading into many areas, such as business coaching and training, systems of body work, spiritual disciplines, and a variety of approaches to therapy and counselling. Inner Critics, the Inner Child, Pushers, Pleasers and many other similar terms have become household words.

As wonderful as this is, the downside is that the work can become superficial, and that it loses the connection with the Psychology of Selves and Transformational Psychology from which it derives.

The Next Step in Voice Dialogue for me means working creatively with the underlying principles of the work and deepening the connection with its roots, the Psychology of Selves and transformational psychology. See here the experiences of participants of last years program. We have a strong international staff, led by Robert Stamboliev.


Voice Dialogue Day – Freedom from the known

With a little help from your Voice Dialogue friends

I would like to invite you to the Voice Dialogue Day on 21 June. This day for our network will take place in Blooming in Bergen NH, Netherlands; from 2 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. 21 June is also solstice. This is a time of creativity, of abundant energy, while we simultaneously experience the roundness and fullness of midsummer.

The theme is: FREEDOM.

This theme is topical for many. For me personally, the theme of Freedom was the start of my awareness process and a leitmotiv in my life. At the age of 16, I was given a book by Krishnamurti, titled: Freedom from the known. I was completely gripped by it and it led to entire study weekends in bed, where I observed my thought process, determined to fathom the mystery. Although this was sometimes hard to combine with my daily life – they seemed like two different worlds, which I only learned to connect later on through VD – it eventually resulted in a breakthrough that formed the basis for my later work as a trainer and therapist. more